Hiram Nunez business casual profile photo

I do a little bit of everything. As a financial consultant, I am part of high-performing teams that assist leading global organizations improve process inefficiencies, mitigate/reduce risk, and strategize to execute business goals.

I’ve led independent digital consulting, enhancing clients’ digital presence by developing websites, performing in-depth SEO, managing all social media channels, designing original content (graphics & copy), as well as developing and implementing marketing efforts to increase conversion rates and drive sales.

I’m the founder of Tee Tweets, an eCommerce clothing brand that I started late during my senior year of college. I am responsible for everything:

Any free time I have I spend doing business development and learning new skills. In between the gaps, I also enjoy reading and do so as much as possible.

My goal is always to drive value. World citizen and part of the #ThankYou economy.